Our station fridge up here in the break room reveals our drinking preferences when it comes to our staff.

We have an awesome boss who loads up our fridge with free sodas.  Ain't that cool.

We do not have a vending machine of any type up here, so it comes in handy all the time.

So according to our fridge here is the 'OFFICE ' survey when it comes to what we like to drink.

#1 WATER BOTTLES, Yep, whenever water bottles goes in the fridge , they are gone within several days. Which, is a good thing, it says we are drinking our recommended water every day up here.

#2 COKE , The fact that there are no COKE Cans currently in our fridge says that that by far is the #1 choice of our staff. It's gone!

#3 DR. PEPPER, I'm surprised on this one. I thought this would be #1, but apparently not up here.

#4 SPRITE, Gotta love Sprite, but apparently not everyone up here can deal with one.

#5 PEPSI, No one wants this. Which is interesting since all our COKES are gone, I thought maybe this would be a 2nd choice for COKE lovers. It's NOT!

#6 DIET COKE, This surprises me. Apparently, NOBODY UP HERE IS ON A DIET. We have plenty in the fridge and they don't look like they are leaving anytime soon!

So congrats to WATER and COKE! 

Thirsty now?