Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My SISTER IN LAW is very crafty and makes a bunch of stuff. The other DAY while at her house I complimented one of her Center Pieces. Told her I loved it. She said … 'Good because I'm MAKING YOU ONE.' Didn't think much of it after that, well one day she comes over and brings me the CENTER PIECE and tells me that will be 70 dollars! What??? Um, I literally thought she was gifting me the Center Piece, I didn't ask for it. Well, I didn't pay her but she's expecting me too. Wow, she is my sister -in-law but I don't feel like I should pay her...right?



She did it all wrong I wouldn't pay her and just be real about it. Maybe just share her business page on FB, shout outs go a long way.
I have my own woodworking crafting businesses... if you tell me you like something I say "thank you so much" proceed… See More


Bake her a cake and take it to her house and tell her, “It will be $70!”.
See how she likes that lol

Edie Aguirre

Pay her…


My customers don't pay if they dont issue a PO.
The guy mowing lawns doesn't knock out my yard if I tell him good job after he does my neighbors. Business etiquette 101.

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Heather Adkins

Simply give it back and say thank you, but I can't afford to purchase it right now, so maybe you can sell it?


Why would she charge you for one if you didn’t even order it? ‍♀️ if someone told me “I’m making you one” I’m assuming it’s a gift not an order.
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Almost like the guy who jumps on your car at the light to clean your windows

Lisa Ryan Soto
Yvette Soto lmao

Give it back and tell her it's way out of your price range, that you do love her work and that you would love to support her maybe help sell it for her. I mean just be kind and honest.

If you didn’t order it, you should just give it back. It’s better than having her talk bad about you not paying her. Honestly, she shouldn’t have charged you for it but some people are just like that.

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