Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my LADY love to go bowling. Been dating for a couple months and we have Bowling Dates! SHE IS VERY competitive. We have some pretty close games, but she has never beat me. Well, the other day I was telling my buddy this and he said 'Don't you ever let her win?' Um, NO! He said I should 'let her win' cause it will help you in the lohg run. What the heck is he talking about? Why would I lose on purpose?

HERE IS WHAT The 432 Had To SAY!
Beatriz Adriana Romero
If your better at bowling, then you’re just better. Don’t let her win because you feel sorry for her. Eventually with more practice she will win a game. Plus I’m sure she’s watching every step you take and is learning from you!

Norma Estrada
Nope don’t let her win because she will know you let her win then she will think you think she’s not capable of winning. She will win on her own one day and it will great for the both of you 😊

Eric Holguin
If she's a crybaby and won't give it up after, most definitely let her win G!!

Orlando N Patricia Hinds
Virtue is hard to obtain when one is worried about self.

Ray Ray
Let the best bowler win! There is no need to let anyone win if they really didn't win. In the long run, she will be more grateful to you if you give your all.

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