Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Should I Go 'BRIDEZILLA' on my Bridesmaid? One of my bridesmaids ALTERED her Bridesmaid dress and now wants to do the same for the other 3. Ugh!!! Who does that? I laid into her. I'm so pissed at her and now what do I do. Do I alter the other 2, Do I make her get another dress....Help!????


Here is what the 432 had to say about it?


There should be insubordination contracts for weddings. Just delete her like the dude deleted them wedding photos the other day.

Give HER 2 choices
Either she gets the original dress again or gets out the wedding. That simple

First it’s your wedding not hers and nothing should have been altered .I would just drop her from the wedding and explain why .Its about your happy day not her’s

That's a sign. Don't get married!

Ray Ray
Kick her out of the wedding NOW. She altered her dress without asking you. It's not her BIG day it is yours. She obviously didn't care about your feelings when it came to the dress so NOW don't care about her feelings.

Let her show up with the altered dress. People will comment on how STUPID she looks compared to the other bridesmaids and she will then understand that what she did was stupid. She must learn the hard way.

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