Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Things are really going good with a guy I'm dating. We are going on 6 months but one thing bothers me. The guy I'm dating has a ring finger tattoo on what was his wedding finger. I get it , he got it with his EX, but now that we are getting serious do you think it's COOL if I ask him to remove it.


Here is what the 432 had to say about it....

I'd bet he would rather remove you instead.
Let's remove all history of mankind and replace it with only you since you now walk the earth.

6months .....girl!!!! Sir if you see this run 🚩 🚩 🚩

Stacie DeLeon King
Girl, get off the gas. Its been 6 months. Too soon. I agree with Liliana Cruz. Run, sir.

Why are you even worried about his past when you're trying to be his future??

It's a TATTOO. I'm sure he has other ones as well. You actually have NO RIGHT to ask hime to remove anything form his body, as he has no right to ask you to do the same.

Ray Ray
Nope and that's big NOPE! It's a part of him and you need to accept him for who he is 100. There is no need to even bring it up. You can tell him it bothers you but leave it there. You shouldn't ask him to do that. Love him for him . Life is too short.

Crystal Phillips Stephens
No. Don’t ask him too. No matter how long you’ve been with home. Especially if his ex is his ex because she died.

Dezrae Bramble
It’s only been 6 months and people have kids with other people and your worried about a tattoo
get over it

Violet Flores
My fiance has a ring tattoo from when he was with his ex but I also have several matching tattoos with mine and I'm not removing them and I don't expect him to either.

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