I always see stories like this for different areas I'm poking around the internet looking at-so I wondered what a search for the very same thing might bring me right here where I live. And behold! Clocking in at a mere $3,300,000.00--This beautiful amazing home in the Ashlin subdivision has four bedrooms in the main house, 6 bathrooms--4 full, 2 half-baths, and boasts 8,810 square feet of living space. Amazing entryway, beautiful flooring throughout, and an incredible backyard with pool and cabana. It also has a three-bedroom four-bath guest house at 2,158 square feet of living space. All of this with a five-car garage to boot!

See for yourself and check out the amazing pictures--courtesy of The Underwood Group:

From the study with an attached bar where you can spend your weekend immersed in reading a favorite book while enjoying a beverage--to the pool with the cabana.... Or maybe you just feel like running around with your dogs and playing in one of the three yards surrounding the house. What an amazing place this would be to call home. My search said this was the most expensive home in Midland. Next, we'll do the most expensive in Odessa.

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