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My 20th High School Reunion is coming up in my hometown and my wife has informed me she DOESN'T want to go!  This is MY Class Reunion and Im surprised she wants me to go by myself. That really is a shocker. My buddies say I'm LUCKY..and I shouldn't complain about it. Not going to lie I wanted her there. She really hasn't given me any real reason WHY she doesn't want to go. What do you think it could be?


She is smart. No reason to go see all of the people that mean nothing to you today!



Maybe she doesn't want to go see the MAN she really wanted to marry?


yes, it is a good thing she doesn't want to go. Mine went to mine and it was a horrible experience just saying consider yourself lucky she doesn't want to attend.



Class reunions are really not that anymore. I'm really surprised they still have them . Yeah, no biggie that she doesn't want to go to your class reunion.


Maybe she doesn't want to go to your class reunion because she truly wants you to have a good time with9ut her. That's actually a pretty cool thing she's doing for you.


I took my man to my class reunion and YEAH it was not fun with him there. Sure, he's my man, but he was really a bummer questioning all the guys who were there. He had like so many questions about all these guys I used to date.

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