Buzz Question - My man has developed a habit which annoys me...he honks at me when in the car. If he's waiting for me outside the house, he'll honk if he's in it waiting on me. At the store, he's done it while waitng on me. Well, the other day we were at someones house and I was saying goodbyes at the door and there he goes and HONKS the CAR!  That was it...I called him out on it and told him it's not cool. He said he doesn't mean anything bad about it, I told him it's disrespectful! Right?

Here is what TEXAS had to say about it!

Agreed! It’s one thing to do it playing around, but once it noticeably becomes a thing especially when saying good byes to family or friends it’s rude. It irritates me when it’s done to me and I’ve only been in the house or he’s been waiting for 2mins.

The Mexican Doorbell! It means andelé!!

I honked ay my wife once....and just once! trust me!

He found a way to bring out the narcissism in you. Clever. Don't applaud're both messed up

Move your azz then!!!

Correct. He needs to stop immediately. I would lose my sh*% if my husband honked at me like that. WTF?

Tell him to stop the HONKIN or you're going to stop the ROCKIN!

The last guy I dated honked at me and NOW I honk at his best friend! Sorry not sorry!

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