Ok, I'm, not going to lie when I first heard they were going to do this, I was a little hesitant. But, after I checked it out, IM IN! The NFL teamed up for the first time with Nickelodeon to broadcast an NFL game on the channel. The NFL wanted to reach out to the KID GENERATION out there. They knew they had to present it in a different way and boy did they!

Nickelodeon is known for all of their kid programming and known for their infamous 'SLIME'! Slime has been used on Nickelodeon game shows for years. So, you know it was going to show up on this broadcast. The Chicago Bears were visiting the New Orleans Saints in this playoff game. So the first ting I noticed were the commentators. Not sure who they were but I loved their enthusiasm. And, during the game they even were explaining the game for kids who may not have known all the rules. But, they did it in a fun way.

The best part and biggest thing that was different was the graphics! It was almost a cartoon/CGI animation thing goin on. And, the best example of this was when a team scored a touchdown. The crazy graphics that went on during a touchdown include SLIME cannons, crazy colors and more! I LOVED IT!!! What a fun , cool , different way to present the game! And, no it's not just for kids! HA HA

I hope this is NOT a one time deal because I would love to watch another game this way.

Props to Nickelodeon and the NFL!

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