Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question- Can you guys settle a little argument me and my wife are having? She came down on me for putting my feet on the footrest of the recliner with my shoes on! She says I should take off my shoes! I don't agree. It's a footrest for
feet with or without shoes...right?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it!

Ismael DjIce Arenivas
Even though it's trivial, just take shoes off. Make her happy. Choose your battles. This ain't one of them.
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Bee Ninetythree
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Xavier Lamar Anders
I would say that it's your recliner and it's your house. You want to be comfortable within your own house and if having your shoes on is comfortable to you then so be it. But women see it as cleanliness. They would rather you have your shoes off to kee… See More
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Chris Garcia
Heck naw. your chair,your foot rest, your problem. Stand your ground cause you create your own monsters. She said the foot rest is part of the furniture. The garage is part of the house so bring your stuff in from the garage. That’s stupid logic

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Javier Reyes
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Sammy Castaneda
1st world problem. Get over it both of you
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Leah Vander Sloot
No, shoes off.
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Eric Martinez
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Minnette Salazar
Just take your shoes off.And be done with it .Their are more important things to worry about!
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Ben Rodriguez
House shoes are called house shoes for a reason. Biii don't wear yo shoes in my house, but to each their own.
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Kimberly Boyette
If that’s the least of your worries just take them off unless she’s nitpicking, what’s the real problem.
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Ashlei Lashbrook
Take off your shoes, would you put your feet up on the actual seat itself… If no, take them off.
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Jennifer Lee Sanchez
Take them off.
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Tessa Rowell
Take your shoes off. Especially work boots.
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Jose Salinas
If it’s your recliner tell her to mind her business 😂😂😂
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Albert Tarango
Depends, is it leather? If it is take them shoes off. Anything less shoes on!
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Ricky Barrientes
yall tripping. do what you want. Put yo feet on.
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Ricky Barrientes
or don't let nobody sit down

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