Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Office Christmas Party is coming up. It's a small gathering this year. Well, my PLUS ONE is a guy that use to date one of my co-workers. I mean, they dated just for a while , well my co-workers are advising NOT to bring him. Look, I'm seeing him now and he's my PLUS ONE! Sorry, Right??
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Irene Gutierrez
Take him and he might be leave with the co worker instead of you ‍♀️ ....
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Ana Torres
Hey it's 2020, what could possibly go wrong this year?! If you do take him the office will be toxic after that party be prepared

Athena Nickole May
Hell y’all all just have sexy it’ll b ok
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Paul Cupp
Keep us updated on the drama....
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Charles Spud Taylor Jr.
Image may contain: 1 person, meme, text that says 'AIN'T NO FUN IF THE HOMIES CAN'T HAVE NONE memegenerator.ne'
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Dalila Ontiveros
Small world, who cares. Take him or skip the party and go out
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Albert Tarango
Coworkers be trippin. Take him don't give a F what they say. You work with them they ain't your family
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Ronnie Oh-Gawd
It's a good way to see if he has any skeletons in the closet.... I'm sure after a few drinks, your co-work is gonna let the cat out the bag.... Just to be messy..
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Gabriel Prieto
What does it matter if its in the past? I've been to several events where my ex was there and we were adults the entire time..... so i don't understand the iss

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