Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question -  Just found out my man's new job will have him working with ALL FEMALES. He's cool with it, but has never done it. I don't feel good about this and not for reasons you might think.  I'm just hesitant about it and wonder If I  should let him know how I feel about it.

Here is what the 432 had to slay about it on our Facebook..........
Have faith in your man. He's with you for a reason. I wouldn't trust me though.😄

A job is a job and unless he is entertaining those women just let go of your insecurities and trust in your man …

It's fine. Just might be more OT than usual.

Why do we women try and control? Let him be and see what happens, let him decide if he want to work with crazy emotional, hormonal, women everyday all day.


This is when you gonna find out how big of a hoe your man is...

Ray Ray
Look, he might be fooling you but trust he is wanting this job and knows exactly what the situation is. He wants to work with an all female crew. He chose the job, let him do his thang.

Olga Del La O
Mira, the way I see it is you shouldn't worry about him working with a bunch of chicas. They will put him in his place and before you now it he will be running out of there. LOL This pendejo don't know what he's getting into.

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