Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, this will be the 1st VACATION for me and my man since we got together and we are htting the BEACH! SO, he knows I take and post selfies all the time and he never had a problem with it until now. He told me the other day he would like to APPROVE any beach selfies I take and POST! He has never worried about this and I guess he knows we will be living in our SWIMSUITS all vacation. Um, not sure how I feel about him asking to APPROVE my pics?

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Chon Rodriguez
So you don’t know how to feel about it so you want complete strangers to tell you how to feel about it?? Gotcha… well this day in age almost every woman is looking for acceptance through social media etc. posting pictures of themselves and for what? Fo… See More

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Albert Tarango
He wants to own you!! Take a selfie vacation and find someone new afterwards

Maria Ruiz Prieto
girl he wants to approve to make sure u dont look like a sucia online!! be classy not trasy ❤

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
Some people! Girl those are YOUR pictures. Do what you want. Post those selfies, pay your own bills, live your own life, hook up with all his friends and have them take you to the beach too. Inbox me. Live ya best life!

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