Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - What's happening here? My boyfriend sent me flowers yesterday BUT put another guy's name on it. ????????? The only reason I know is because I know someone who works at the Flower Shop and I asked her. She told my man came in and put the order in. What GAME is he playing?

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Becky Lola
Issa trap
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Sammy Castaneda
Dudes probably cheating n trying to set you up to blame you.
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Rebecca Hernández
Throw away or give them away and act like you don't know he's the one that sent them. Tell him you got flowers but don't even know who that guy is so you gave them away. If he wants to play then play harder. He's just testing you my husband did that to… See More
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Dezrae Bramble
Say something girl ! Then run lol
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Ana Torres
Girl he way to insecure. Run! He's playing games instead of just speaking truth to you. There is nothing you can say or prove to that boy that will make him feel comfortable or secure. You're not a band-aid to put him together. That's on him. Waste of … See More
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Crystal Urias
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Joann Subia
Tell him your friend was there! Trying to start drama is all he wants
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Fabian Ruiz
He’s checking to see if you a ho. To see if you’ll get gifts from other guys and keep it hush.
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Leemon Perez
If he has to do that get rid of him y'all aren't in high school obviously is insecure and if so you dont need that type of relationship...
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D'Andra Ortega
She should just ask him lol
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Junior-Joanne Gibson
Ask him if he knows that guy and why would one of his friends send you flowers.
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Gracie Mendoza Ramirez
Wtf he’s acting like he wants a fight and to blame you and to have you leave him or him leave you
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Darren Tryon
Just wants to see if you'll tell him. He's not sure of this relationship.
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Clarissa L Hernandez
It’S.A. Test. I’d chunk them and tell him in a non-chalant way. I would say: some guy named ______ sent me flowers but I threw them away.
You don’t want to have a Jenny Rivera moment when you bring them home lmao
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Bee Ninetythree
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Christel Yvette
Hes fishing ...just trying to see something
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Vanessa C. Narvaiz
He is seeing if you will mention it to him, “hey babe, someone sent me flowers to work and have no idea who that person was”, seeing if you’ll be honest about it and/or if you will take them home or hide the fact that someone sent you flowers. And bust… See More
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Maxine Barriga
Games ... Smdh
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Vivian Saldana Cruz
Uhm doesn't he know your friend works there? Still not cool to be playing games like that with you

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