Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - While out of town for work, MY MAN ended up going to his Class Reunion. Mind you, we were going to both go out of town and go to this reunion, but he decided he was just going to go WORK and not attend the reunion so I ended up staying behind. Well, he end up going to the Reunion and NOW doesn't understand why I 'm pissed! And I should be, right?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Heather Adkins Butler
Why do people make this stuff harder than it needs to be? He wanted to go, he didn't want you to go. He made an excuse "to work", and now you know where you stand. Accept it and get over it, or leave. Fighting is a waste of time...he did what he wanted regardless of how you would feel. That's your answer.

Chon Rodriguez
I missed the part where it's your reunion!!! But honestly he didn't want to be seen with you or he wanted to chat up some other woman. Get rid of him a man that don't want you to be his arm candy ain't worth having around!!

Courtney Holdampf
He’s a jerk. He didn’t want you to go. You either accept it or dip. It doesn’t seem like this was the first instance of showing selfishness.

Ricky Barrientes
Let me go through my rolodex of excuses.
Answer 1. My best friend called last minute and he used to get bullied. I went so he wouldn't get bullied.
2. Ah babe, you had the kids and I had to fill in last minute to dj real quick. Had to flex on em babe,… See More

Greg Franco

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