Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my man are arguing this week and he says it's dumb because everyone does it. So, I wanna know, any other couples go through this?
Everytime we watch TV togther like a movie or something, my man is ALWAYS on his phone! How you gonna watch the movie and be on your phone at the same time? He says it's easy and it's really common. Any other ladies or guys going through this? Just curious?

Here is what the 432 has to say about it...

Jennifer M Perez
I do this when I’m not interested in the movie or show maybe ask him what movies he likes instead of expecting him to watch what u want but that’s just my opinion

Rebecca Hernández
My husband does this so I turn the TV up higher

Chelsea Garrett
"Everyone does it"....thats just plain disrespectful. Your there spending quality time with your girl.....put your phone down bro. She will only take so much before she leaves

Angel Borunda
Yall must put on some boring shows and movies since you worried about him and he's worried about his phone

Tessa Rowell
Hes needs to grow up. Lol

Zuleyma Dominguez
It's called multitasking!!!

Ray Ray
She obviouisly wants more time together and she really needs to tell him. Maybe he doesn't get the fact that when she is watching a movie or show with him she is really loving the fact that they are together. Tell him the phone needs to go during these times.

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