Fire Away!


Tell me what you thing my life is like using only a gif.

Spoiler alert: My life is actually pretty boring and that's the way I like it.


I'm 34 years old so I'm really not that wild anymore. Don't get me wrong. When I was in my 20's I was in a band that traveled and we have some flat out INSANE stories. It doesn't help that even by rockstar standards, I was pretty crazy all by myself. Add in 3 other crazy guys, and it was a recipe for EPICNESS.

Now a days I like it calm. I did every crazy thing I ever wanted to and then some, so when I met the right girl I was happy to settle down and just family. My typical weeknight usually ends up with me and my lady love sipping whiskey and watching Netfix after the kids go to bed. It's pretty much the best thing ever. A lot of radio personalities make extra money by DJing at night clubs, but that makes for really late nights and cuts into my Netflix and chill time. Instead I have a morning part time job. I didn't do anything in the mornings for like 2 years but it got pretty boring so when a friend asked if I was interested, it was a no brainier. I still get weekends off and its pretty stress free so why not? On the weekends, if I'm not watching a Notre Dame game, you can find me in my garage/gym/man cave cracking a cold one with the boys.

There you have it lol. The action packed life of a radio DJ. Honestly, I love what I do and my life is pretty chill because of it. I'm in no rush to change it fo sho.

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