Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, my man has always asked me about a TATTOO I have. I've always told him that it's my favorites dogs name that passed away a couple years ago. ....Well, he just found out that my TAT is not my favorites dog's name but an ex!! Thanks to my Sister's big mouth. Oops! Look, I lied because of the way I know he would act. And, NO I'm not going to get rid of it or cover it up. No biggie right?


Racquel Herrera
First of all you shouldn’t have lied to him that was messed up you should of just told him the truth then it probably wouldn’t be no big deal but since you didn’t tell him the truth I feel like you owe it to him if he wants you to cover it up you shoul… See More

Efren Valenzuela
How in the hell would you feel if he had his ex tattooed on him? You have a man’s tattoo probably on your chichi just let’s me know you make horrible life decisions!!

Cindy Bustamante
We all do dumb things. I'm sure when she finally meets "the one" she might feel differently about covering them up. But maybe she isn't there with her boyfriend just yet. But she should've been honest from the beginning about it.

Top Fan
Chon Rodriguez
Ok I was stupid enough to get my ex’s name on me as well. But as soon as it was over I covered it up. I was done with that chapter in my life. To Mia the people if you don’t cover it up in your own you still haven’t finished with the relationship. So y… See More

Sammy Castaneda
I’m sure if he had his exes name tattooed on him it would be perfectly OK right? Lol.
This is why you don’t do stupid things and Tattoo anybody’s name beside your parents or your kids

Mario Juarez
Women do refer some men as dogs ....hmm

Joe Hernandez Jr.
What else would you hide?! If I was him I would just walk away.

Christopher Brown
This exactly why I stopped dating dudes named Fido bruh.

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