Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My Girlfriend Wants Me To GET A Makeover Before We Make It Official! And, I don't really understand wants happening here. Should I be offended or is this a good thing? Any advice would help.

Here is what the 432 had to say about it....

What she is saying is "you have potential"
Now she wants to show the world your potential before they run her down for not looking like the potential she imagined.

Maria Ruiz Prieto
Like a hair cut?? I love it when my man gets a fresh Cut, beard cleaned 🙂
But as far as style... I don't agree with changing it, that's ure identity

Tell her to stop wearing makeup
She’s trying to change you……..you’re good enough to date but not to be official? Hmmmmmmm. Don’t change who you are!

Tell her you want her to get a makeover before y’all make it official and see how she reacts. I’m just saying what’s good for you is good for her. If she just wants you to get a haircut and a shave then she should say just that. Saying like a “Makeover” sounds like she wants to change some things

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