When I saw this story with our news partner NewsWest 9, the hair on my arms stood up. Apparently the latest with 'scammers' is to offer you a job but in reality all they want to do is steal your information. It made me cringe hearing about this because I do believe this almost happened to a dear friend of mine recently....

my friend called me up excitedly one day saying she had been offered a job! In an economy where some are still struggling to find work, it is sad to think that scumbags are taking advantage of people who truly need a job and money.

So here is my friend's story. She was shopping one day, browsing up and down the aisles, when she was approached by a strange man. He engaged her in conversation, complimented her and then offered her a job that he thought she would be 'perfect' for. They exchanged info, with the intention to 'meet up and discuss details at a later date over lunch.' I told her it seemed kind of shady but he made it sound so enticing she was excited and I was happy for her.

Fortunately, the deal fell flat. After a few conversations over the phone, the guy flaked and they never met up for lunch for this 'amazing job opportunity!' He did get her name and phone number though and if this guy was running a scam, who knows, that may be all he needed?

The FBI is issuing a warning about these scammers stating that they could potentially steal personal information including social security and bank account information.

According to Newswest 9, 'criminals are using fake job listings to steal people's personal information. These scammers are advertising jobs the same way legitimate employers do, but instead use their leverage as a potential employer to get interested parties to give them personal info or money.'

I was worried about my friend meeting with the stranger for fear that he would harm her in some way but also that he would take all of her information, including address and personal info and do what he wanted with it.

If you have been in a situation similar to my friend and feel you may have been a victim of a job scam, you can click here for more info on what to do. Or you can call 915-832-5000.

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