Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Was having lunch with one of my girlfriends the other day and she straight up caught me off guard.
She asked me if she could DATE one of my exes??? I ain't gonna lie, I was thrown off on that one. It's a guy I dated about 3 years ago and it was a messy breakup. I told her I rather she didn't, but if she wants to go ahead. Honestly I didn't know really what to say and now I feel a little ticked off about her asking me. I don't know, how would you feel?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Heather Adkins Butler
I personally find it tacky, but a lot of people don't...guess you know where you stand with your friendship
· Reply · · 34m
Sammy Castaneda
You don’t own someone just cuz you dated them. Grow up. People change or can change. Not everyone is the same. Get over it.
· Reply · · 11m
Michelle Haney
I personally wouldn’t date any of my good friends’ exes. I’ve seen first hand how they treated my friend crappy. But if my friend wants my left overs and knows how much of a douche he was so be it
· Reply · · 2m
Saul Sauceda
I tell my friends "go for it,but when sheaves you miserable don't blame me

Greselda B Norris Saddler
Girl code with my circle is that we don’t date, talk, or have entanglements with any of our exes. That’s just point blank.
· Reply · · 15m

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