Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My EX wants me to get his new wife a job and I'm not gonna lie, this is causing a problem with my new man! I haven't heard from him a grip and all of a sudden my ex has been in contact with me a lot lately about this . I don't mind helping out but DANG why my new man trippin so much?

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Fabian Ruiz
Let your new man have that much contact with an ex and see if you’re good with it.

Jacob Garcia
Guess he didn’t burry his ex when the relationship died

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
I once knew a guy messing with another man's girlfriend give her boyfriend a job.

Not sure what the big deal is. I mean if your helping someone get a job , does it matter who it really is? These are hard times for some and if you can help you exes wife or whoever. Look, at one time you and this guy were an item, so why not help a guy out. If your current man has a real big problem with it then maybe he needs to a take chill pill.

Another solution could be is to take the EX out of the equation. Maybe, you and the new WIFE could jsut be the ones that are communicating back and forth. Like that, your MAN is not involved and you can still help someboy who really needs it at his time.
There is nothing wrong with doing good and paying it forward even if that person is your ex or his new wife.

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