Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, I have the same name as my boyfriend's EX and HIS family calls me #2! It was funny a couple times but now they refer to me as #2. They went out for years and he says they don't mean anything bad by it. I DON'T THINK IT'S FUNNY AND I have told my man to tell his family to stop or I will. Don't want to cause DRAMA but I will...right?

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Latoya Hasty
Return the favor and give them some special nick names. ‍♀️

Michelle Haney
It should’ve been shut down in the beginning. Haha but no my name is xxxx. If they’ve always done it and you haven’t said anything then they have thought it was ok.

Daniela Enriquez
*Google play* destiny's child- say my name say my name

Cynthia Johnson
You should have told them for the first time it happened that you didn’t like it. Now they think it ok . Just tell them you prefer to be call by your name not #2 .

Angel Borunda
They must've liked the Ex better... Sounds like you failing sis ‍♂️

Jacob Garcia
Take as a compliment. #2 for “Your The Sh^&”

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Chon Rodriguez
It's one of two things you ready for this....your either the ish or you are ish as why they call you #2... Lol OK all joking aside you have to fight your battles don't expect your bf/husband to fight them for you. The family will never respect you if you let him handle it!!! Handle to business #2!!!

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