Ok the struggle is real in this area when it comes to dressing our little ones. In this case it's my 11 year old son. With the crazy warm one minute, literally freezing the next weather we have, it's hard to advise him how to dress for the temps! Not to mention, he wants to follow the 'trend,' which these days is shorts and your favorite sweatshirt. 

Trust, I know it's defeating the purpose, but as a momma of 3, I pick my battles. Other moms feel me on this one I hope! I'm just saying, if you see my kid afterschool this afternoon wearing his favorite shorts and sweatshirt and the temp has dropped considerably like it's supposed to and dang near blowing him away, don't judge. He dressed for 63 degree weather like it was around lunch time, he was in fact warm at some point during the day! lol Pick your battles mommas, this momma doesn't judge!

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