A friend of mine shared this on Facebook. Are you kidding me? Can someone let May know that I like it the way it is? There's no need for it to go off imitating summer. This is absolutely insane! I'm actually scared of what S=summer is going to look like.

I can't remember a time when I actually feared summer here. I was born and raised in West Texas. I grew up playing in triple digit weather with my mom locking the front door so I wouldn't go in and out and nothing to quench my thirst but the water hose. I don't even work outside and I dread the next week. Summer didn't even scare me back when I did work outside but man, if this is spring then what is summer gonna be like this year?

I think the hottest I remember it getting was 116 back when I was a kid and here we are in May already pushing that. What's the Hottest you ever remember it getting here?

....I literally just stopped in the middle of typing this to look up the record temperature in Midland /Odessa and surprisingly enough, I was dead on. The highest recorded temperature in the history of the 432 was 116 back in 1994.

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