We had known about it, we had prepared for it, and of course, we worried about it. The artic blast has come and gone in Texas, and well, even with expectations, the cold certainly made us shiver.

Many stories have been published about the cold affecting various parts of our lives. As it moved throughout the southeast, everything just seemed to break didn't it? Roads were impassable, flights were delayed, even cancelled, and some even lost power due to the temperature drop.

I almost had a panic attack before the blast even began, as my heating went out. Thankfully, I was able to get it fixed before the cold struck us, so thankfully I avoided a complete disaster. However, there were others that weren't so lucky.

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Texas Residents And Businesses Affected

One individual in Killeen, as reported by KWTX, named Lori Keith did her very best to avoid any potential damage to her living quarters. Unfortunately with all the precautions taken, pipes burst in her apartment, and she's been trying to get an answer to when the space will be fixed.

In another part of Texas...well just take a look at this poor H-E-B car wash:

This looks like the inside of a cavern doesn't it? It almost looks like a car was left in there, but it might just be the color of the items that help clean Texas cars throwing us off.

We hope that anyone affected by this freeze is ok. And for those potentially laughing at the situation, remember, this can happen to anyone.

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