How can I tell that cold weather is definitely here in the 432 this weekend? One of the ways I can tell is by my truck. Every time it gets cold outside, my pressure in at least one of my tires on my truck goes down. This probably happens to you too. I can remember way back when I first got my first car, my dad telling me that when cold weather hits, your car tires will lower in pressure.

Anytime I get a low pressure air tire alert, I don't know about you, but I always seem to freak out just a little bit. More than likely, you probably have a nail or some small leak in one of your tires. I have to be reminded that on cold weather days, air tire pressures go down! And, my truck is very sensitive to cold weather. It'll be around 48 degrees outside and my truck will still tell me the tire pressure is too low. But, at least it's not a nail or flat tire.

When it's cold outside, and you get these alerts.... your chances are 50/50 when it comes to having a flat tire or just cold weather. Hopefully it's only low tire pressure. So, the next time you're driving around and you get a low tire alert from your car or truck it might just be because the weather outside is too cold. It's a weird science thing that I can't explain LOL. So stay warm, check your tires, and put some firewood in the fireplace this weekend because it's going to be really cold here in the 432.

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