Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My high school graduating class has a reunion coming up and of course, has a page on Facebook for it! I saw a few of the ladies who I was 'hot for' in High School, so I decided just to pop on THEIR pages, just to see wassup! I ended up spending like an hour and a half, just going from page to page; picture to picture; album to album; checking out their lives, from back then, through now. Well, my wife caught me doing this and said I'm a facebook stalker, I say NO, it's just normal curiousity"? Will you settle this for us...Facebook Stalking or Normal Curiosity?

Here is What The 432 Has To Say ABout It ON Our Facebook?
Brandon Alvarado
Completely normal unless you do it more then once

Courtney Holdampf
Totally normal.

Emily Hunt
GIF may contain pass, does, No One Talks About It, Shh, Everyone Does It, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Gellar and Cruel Intentions

Mallery Hermenitt

Mario Juarez
Nothing wrong with that .. curiosity hit of how they're doing now in life ... Did they stay hot or did they become ......dayuuum !!

Top Fan
Rebecca Hernández
It's normal just curious George being George ‍♀️ it doesn't mean nothing just that your nosy but who isn't.

Ricky Barrientes
yoooooo, f@#$ their life. You have your own!
I dont care if your ex still got a nice booty.
I dont care if your old neighbor be doing bikini competitions now.
I dont care if your 5th grade enemy is all fat now!
Dont do this shi@#

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