Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, we have a certain couple that comes over all the time and we hang out with. Well, I've been noticing that the lady FRIEND always HUGS my HUSBAND. I mean always. I asked my husband if he noticed this as well and he said...'THEY ARE HUGGERS!' He says the guy hugs you sometimes. I don't know why it bothers me, but I guess I should leave it alone??

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Well in my culture being a "Mexican American" its very common for people to hug/kiss on cheek when they say hello/goodbye.... personally I don't think nothing of it, its totally normal

Ray Ray
Hus are a beautiful thing. It's a way of saying hello and goodbye. No problem at all with thugs here.

Well, it depends on what kind of hugs she is giving. Is she giving frontal hugs? Because, that ain't right.

When are they hugging? That has a lot to do with it. Hello and Goodbye , no problem, but if they are hugging at other times then yeah it could be SUSPECT!


Is she humping him while hugging
If not than what's the problem


Omg I swear some women these days



Huggers, swingers ... they show affection

Keep yo hands to yourself! And you better keep 6ft apart! We still have a pandemic going on. I mean c'mon lets be safe with each other.

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