You know they say women mature faster than men and for the most part I find that to be true. (I have 2 sons and older brothers so there's that. lol) But I've gotta say when it comes to figuring things out quicker, men have got it hands down! I'm talking life hacks. If you do this, such and such will last longer, if you go this way, you will get there quicker...

I just feel like because I got my act together long ago, I didn't really have time to figure out how to make my life easier, doing tedious, simple, everyday things. I was too busy looking at the big picture. lol That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

My man and even my children have shown me so many things this year that have literally blown this girl's mind. My kid showed me how to put my gas cap away so that it doesn't fall against my car and potentially scratch it. Check out that story here.

I learned how to use a manual can opener, after years of using an electric one. I learned that a Magic Bullet blender is so much more space efficient and quite honestly quicker and easier to use on the daily. Check that out here.

These things sound ridiculous and simple but I truly am barely learning, from the men in my life, that there is an easier way sometimes. lol Check out my latest....I would always buy canned pineapple because I never knew how to cut a real one. Cut to my man bringing this home to me the other day. A gadget that is used to core a pineapple! Omigosh it's like I won the lotto that day!

Why did it take me so long to figure these things out?
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