I am telling you right now I have the most fun with TikTok!  I've learned so many life hacks, so many crafts that I can make. I mean truly so many different things, from hairstyles for my little one to different recipes that I can try.

So check this out..the other day as I stop to put in gas, my teenager jumps out of the car and says, 'hang on mom let me show you a cool gas hack that I learned on TikTok!'  He showed me that when you go to put in gas, instead of just letting your gas cap dangle, as I do all of the time, there is actually a little hole right on the door you pop open to put in gas handle, that is specifically for your gas cap! Mind blown! Did anyone else know this and did not bother to send me the memo? Or are you today years old and just learning this too?

We've really come a long way with gas caps let's be real. I remember growing up, my parents vehicles the cap would come completely off and my mom or dad would have to put the gas cap on top of the vehicle, then replace it once they were done pumping gas. If that were me now, forget it, I would have lost it long ago! Thank goodness our vehicles now either don't have a cap at all, or are like my ride. Here is your life hack tip of the day next time you pump your gas.

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