There are two types of people in this world when it comes to gas in their vehicle, no, I'm not talking about those who let their gas run all the way down to empty or freak out and  fill up when their tank is halfway. I'm talking about those of us that go out of our way to find the cheapest gas. No matter where you are, you have that one place to 'gas up' that will never let you down. You know the price will be less than most places, so you stick with it. 

I"m THAT person. I will go out of my way to find the cheapest gas no matter how far away it is. I have one particular gas station that I go to on a regular basis because I get my discount everytime. I could be surrounded by gas stations but I will still seek out old faithful. Even if I'm nowhere near it, I'll drive halfway across town, wasting gas, just to get to it. lol  I know it doesn't make sense, more often than not, I'm putting in with a few miles left to go on this particular tank of gas

I know I'm not the only one and I know this comes from my dad telling me when I first started driving, do not put cheap gas and do not mix gas. He would be proud now, I'm sticking with the exact same kind of gas every time. Please tell me you are just like this? lol


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