Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Is this tacky or totally fair? A couple from Chicago named Doug and Dedra Simmons recently had a destination wedding in Jamaica. And one couple who RSVP'd didn't show up. So Doug and Dedra CHARGED them for no-showing. They say the couple told them four different times that they were coming, and never called to cancel. So they sent them an INVOICE for $240 . . . $120 for each seat at the reception that they left empty.

Herter is what the 432 had to say about this!!

Jonathan Moreno
You ain’t getting nothing

Ricky Barrientes
RSVP to an event is a form of contractual agreement and can be held up in the court of law if the right wording was introduced in the RSVP rider.
I let it stand.

Sandra Yzaguirre Hinojos
Very tacky. I had an extravagant 3 day out of town wedding and some people who said they were going to be there didn’t show up. Stuff happens and sometimes people just don’t show up. We had extra food but whatever we had leftover we had made sure the f… See More

Lupita Marquez-Blanco
Super tacky and childish.

Ray Ray
You CRAY if you think I'm sending you ANY kind of money. In fact I'm taking back my GIFT to you! Totally not right to expect our guest to pay for your wedding let alone after the wedding. NO shows are NO shows. It's going to happen. I don't even think guest need to TELL YOU THAT THEY are not going.

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