Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - AN EX FEMALE co-worker reached out by TEXT to my man about some info she needed .NO biggie, until she ended the message with MISS YOU!
Really??? Miss You? My man told me DONT START...she just meant she misses working with me and our co-workers. Um....okay???

This is what the 432 had to say about it....

Kimberly Boyette
What did he rely with… that’s what’s important.

Athena Nickole May
All u so called women or women need to grow up stop acting like teenagers because ur definitely not if you don’t trust the person ur with them leave enough said

Raquelle Rubio
That girl is reaching. It’s not an “I miss seeing you everyday” text. This girl don’t understand that you spend hours working with the same people you end up like a family. Either stop being so jealous or stop doing whatever she’s doing on the side to have that guilty conscience.… See More

Angel Borunda
Maybe he's just an excellent co-worker.

Ray Ray
Well, I do miss some of my ex co-workers, but yeah no need to tell them.

I have text many co-workers that I MISS THEM. It's no biggie. Remember these are close relationships that we build through our lives and if you give any part of you heart to work then yes you can miss people without it being inappropriate.
I think it's awesome when people show LOVE.

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