Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Um, Why is DOMINOS Texting My Man? LOL I checked out my mans phone the other day and he had a ton of text from them. Before I could go in and see all the text, my MAN took the phone away from me. Um, before I DIVE DEEPER into this phone...lol...why do I think something SKETCH is going on???

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Eric Holguin
Dominoes has great customer service OK!! Haven't you seen the commercials?? He probably slipped and smashed her pizza, I mean his pizza and hard to replace it I mean had to!!!
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Orlando Baeza
Maybe he does door dash or Uber eats delivering pizza lol....
· Reply · · 6h
Sammy Castaneda
Lol, classic cheater code. If you can’t be on your spouse
Phone without them freaking out, there’s a problem
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J.R. Lujan

· Reply · · 7h
Mike Cruz
I guess someone is searching for pepperoni
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Jennifer Lee Sanchez
Wtf, is this shit real?
Um dominos doesn't text conversations.
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Ana Torres
Because something is going on

Now you just playing stupid. You know damn well Dominos ain’t texting his crusty a**.
· Reply · · 7h
Becky Lola
Just throw the whole man away. Start over.
· Reply · · 7h
Leemon Perez
Stop going through his phone you got a guilty mentality
· Reply · · 5h
Kristyjohnny OliverAguirre
That ain't Domino's txting,it's all them DIMIHOES💅🏼😒
· Reply · · 7h
Dominiqu Ybarra
They got that mix n match deal
· Reply · · 7h
Dezrae Bramble
It’s not dominos sis
· Reply · · 4h
Kelli Wilkerson Flores
Hes asking for extra cheese and pepperoni
· Reply · · 5h
Eduardo Robles
Get yourself a Little Ceasers, always Hot and Ready.
That man is cheating on you, value yourself more than that.
· Reply · · 6h
Saul Sauceda
Because you're a jealous,insecure woman. Do that man a favor and dump him. He dont need all that shit in his life
· Reply · · 7h
Ricky Barrientes
Amateur. Alexa, play 2 phones by Kevin gates

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