Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Look, I DON'T WANT TO sound ungrateful! But my man gave me 'Over the Top FLOWERS! Like 4 DOZEN ROSES! And, that was it for my birthdate. Again, it was awesome, but I kind of feel it was too much on the flowers and maybe a gft would've been better. Is 4 Dozen overdoing it when he could have given me a gift??

This is what the 432 had to say about it?

Mario Juarez
Well dag gum it !! Always complaining.... Maybe next time he'll get you a pat on the back , a birthday card and one or two roses from the cemetery ...‍♂️

Candice Velarde
The flowers are nice but they don't last long. She needs to speak up. Let him know how's she feels. Communication is key in a relationship.
Flowers are waist money in my opinion.

Macayla Willingham
The flowers are the gift. Accept it or don’t. You’re not entitled to a gift if he hasn’t put a ring on it yet!

Norma Estrada
Maybe nothing at all would have been better because then you would have learned to appreciated anything he gave you‍♀️ flowers are in fact a gift, a gift of love and appreciation. Be thankful for anything and everything.

Mias Twins
I love flowers so anytime I get flowers I appreciate the thoughtfulness of that person. So yeah you are ungrateful

Luzelena Hartstein
‍♀️so ungrateful for sure, he should just skip the flowers and the gift and maybe get himself a real woman. Bet he took her out to eat and spoiled her butt in other ways, all that cost money and time and effort. Maybe she needs
A spanking

Baltimore Macias
Its the thought that counts So learn to be appreciated

Top Fan
Chon Rodriguez
I see this differently than everyone else in the comments lol. 4 dozen is way to much especially at the prices. To me this man has no imagination and doesn’t know you at all. I mean just give her the money or take her on a shopping spree??? Guys you ne… See More

Cindy Bustamante
That is ungrateful! 4 dz roses are an expensive gift. A person shouldn't be picking gifts out for themselves. And it came from the heart. Take them and say thank you!

Rebecca Hernández
That was a GIFT! Be happy he even got you anything worry about the day he stops. Why you all worried about the money spent is it coming out of your pocket?

Michelle Lopez
Give me his number Leo and Rebecca so I can call him and inform him to run!! Ppl have real problems and your worried u should of got more!!!

Dahlia Peinado
I would rather have flowers than nothing at all

Jazmin Levario
Thanks Deal With It GIF by Britannia on EPIX

Sheila Crockett
Not every man will give you anything. I think he was trying to show you how much he loves you.

Jessica Anchondo
check yourself take it or leave it GIF by Dyo

Jonjon Djtiny Baeza
See that's why guys lose hope in love and become a$$holes

Jenny Penny Freeman
Yes be thankful but come on man spread that $400 out
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Ricky Barrientes
Aye, maybe he had a deal or a favor from someone and it's all he could afford. Maybe it was a lifetime dream of his to do something like this.

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Nancy Bernal
He was probably very proud of the flowers. Some guys have a great imagination and some are simple. Some remember to do anything at all, and some don't do a damn thing. So just be grateful his simple ass did anything at all.

Top Fan
Efren Valenzuela
You need to communicate that. I had girl tell me she rather have something practical. The next time I got her something instead of flowers I got her a treager grill and she was so happy.

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