What little thing are you in charge of at work? Look, we all have jobs that we go to everyday and we're in charge of something, we have a job to do right? Well, what about the little things that you're in charge of at work that aren't really as big as the job that they hired you for. At work I'm in charge of a lot of things but the one little thing I'm in charge of everyday is making the coffee. Yep, I'm the office coffee maker.
Basically, I'm in charge of getting the coffee going in the morning time. No, I don't think this job was assigned to me, it's just kind of stuff that I started and well just kind of fell in my lap. Are you in charge of something at your job that just kind of fell in your lap? I'm talkin some crazy little things like throwing the trash out. Or, maybe you're the one that has to fill the paper at the copy machine all the time. Well for me it's making the coffee.
No one gave me this job, this is something I started doing. And, here's the reason why. Usually, I'm the first one in the building in the morning. When you do a Morning Show, you've got to come to work real early . And, because I do drink coffee, I go straight to our little kitchenette and get the coffee going. I'm sure if someone else were the first one here and drank coffee, it would be their job. Well, it's mine. I would still do this job if I didn't drink coffee just be nice to those who did. I do drink coffee and yes I'm the first one at work so yes I am the office coffee maker. What little crazy job at work or chore fell in your lap?

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