Everyone that knows me knows I love me some Japanese food. Definitely my go to food.
And we all love OSAKA right? Well from the people who brought you Osaka, now bring you TERIYAKI BOWL!

I went in yesterday and tried the  Teriyaki Chicken , Fired Rice, and Fried Vegetables.

My first reaction to the taste of the food was that it taste exactly like Osaka. So, I knew I was gonna love this place. It's fast and great especially if someone doesn't have much time for lunch.

The procedures I went thru were...

Step 1 Choose A Meat
Step 2 Choose Rice or Noodles
Step 3 Choose 1 Side

They are located at 4023 JBS Parkway at the Old Osaka location.

On my scale of 1 to 5  with 5 being the best, I give them at 5.

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