Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So one of my best friends has been married for a year and has a baby on the way. Well, the other day I finally told him that I'm dating one of his exes. I told him I WAITED till he was married and it just kind of happened. He told me I WAS WRONG FOR DOING THAT. I told him, Look, Your married now, what does it matter and I did wait till you got married to even open THAT DOOR! He says I was WRONG! What do you think?
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Bianca Urias
The Code doesn’t have an expiration date and it’s prob not even about his feelings but more of how awkward it’ll be with his best friend dating the ex. I mean imagine introducing your best friends’ girl to wifey...I’m sure wifey won’t be happy having y… See More

Darren Tryon
3 yr window for the bro code to be null and void. Obviously, you didn't wait.

Deanna Marie Muro
Maybe that was his first love??

Krista Cuellar
Negative dead ass wrong no matter what u just don’t do that what’s that saying bros before h*** lol

Christopher Brown
Meh, just tell his new wife he's all upset about it and let her handle it. I'm sure it'll work out fine.

Rob Jenkins
He greedy, He wants all the to himself.

Not a cool move, I mean really there are plenty out there and you really have to choose you friend's ex. Just not a cool move.

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