Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, I thought I was just helping the situation. Me and my wife are going out of town and we need a Dog Sitter while we are gone. I suggested MY EX WIFE because it use to be OUR DOG and when we split I kept the dog. He knows her. Yeah, I soon as I said it my WIFE gave me THE LOOK! Dang it, Am I NOW in the dog house too??

Here is what the 432 had to say about it?

Logically this makes sense. For reasonable and logical people, it makes sense.
What we have here is an unhealthy relationship filled with insecurity tho. No reasonable logic allowed. Run!

Um. So, asking your ex is a better idea than asking a friend or family member ?

Ray Ray
Um, sometime we need to ADMIT it and TAKE THE L!

You tried, but yeah you were not thinking it out. Yes, your ex wife knows the dog but you have to think about you current wife and her feelings. sweeper

I think we need some factors. Are y’all on good terms? Have you and the wife talked to her since the split? What’s the relationship like between your wife and ex wife? Sounds not good since you got a look

I mean, it does make sense. You know the dog will be well taken care of. Sounds like that's ur main concern


Vickie Bernal
That is just sheer stupidity on your part

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