Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my wife are finally going to get a new car. Both of our cars definitely need an upgrade. Here's the problem. She thinks we are getting her a car when actually I was thinking it would be mine. I finally realized this the other day we went looking and well, how I do I tell her the car we are getting will be mine  and I'll be driving it. It just makes sense for our situation, look I know I have to have a sit down with her and talk this out...any suggestions on how to break the news to her that it's not HER car we are getting?

Here is what the 432 had to say about it...

Viviana Vasquez
My husband would NEVER put his wants, comfort or safety before my own. If you both need new cars she should get one first

Brian Portillo
Trade both cars and get 2 cars , problem solved

Heather Cadena Fuentes
Sorry dude, it’s her new car now!

Jacob Garcia
You better get use to ✋🏼 Palm-ela She’s your néw wife

Armando Marquez
Who's paying for it? Him or her?

Norma Estrada
How about you take her old car if it’s newer than yours and get her a new car? If she has her heart set on a new car Whats the problem with her getting one before you ?

Sammy Roman
Happy wife happy life!!!

Ray Ray
Bro, you better learn, you better learn, that's all I have to say about all of this.

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