Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guys, we are having our first baby in about 4 months and my mother in law is making things stressful! HOW DO I TELL MY MOTHER IN LAW TO BUTT OUT in naming our baby? She is constantly throwing names out and rejecting names I have come up with. Thing is, my wife isn't saying much on it and I don't want to upset her during her preganancy? My mother-in law really thinks she's going to name our baby. Any suggestions? Help a guy out!! Lol!

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Chon Rodriguez
You have to put your foot down now and stop the madness. Tell your mother in law to stay out of y’all’s business. There’s no nice way to put it but be honest and blunt. If you don’t do it now she will do this for the rest of your relationship or until … See More

Tamra Duran
She got to name hers, now you can name yours. Period. If she wants to name a baby, she can have one.

Gabriela Bermudes
Keep the name y’all pick a secret ‍♀️ or say, “i didn’t ask for your opinion” when you mention the baby names you like to her

Tessa Rowell
Don't talk about names. Announce the name as a surprise after baby is born. Set feelings aside. Its about you and mom to be. No one else

Lauren Ashley H
Talk to your wife about how you feel first. Then you both need to sit mil down to tell her it is yall child and will be making every decision without her.

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