Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - My FAMILY, dog sits for me and my husband everytime we go out of town. We have no kids and travel alot. We take our dog over to MY FAMILY all the time. Well, I feel it's only right that HIS FAMILY DO THE SAME. We are arguing about this right now. He says his family is not into it and have never done this and isn't going to ask them. Um, am I asking too much here? Would love your feedback.

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Stormy Self
Not all families are the same..just because your family is willing..honestly board the dog and it solves the problem

Rebecca Hernández
No his family does not need to dog sit what do you want for the dog to go missing‍♀️ it's your dog your family can dog sit or just take the dog with you on your trips.

Danielle Smith
Idk I’m very particular about who I trust with my dogs. So if they don’t want to, that’s fine. If her family isn’t able to, just board the dog.

Becky Lola
I have 4 dogs and have my step mother watch my dogs occasionally. I would never make it someone’s responsibility to take care of my dogs. Figure it out, pay an actual dog sitter, get them boarding. Never force it on someone like it’s their responsibili… See More

Ismael DjIce Arenivas
Not anyone's responsible but the pet owners. You travel often, need to take pets with you or release ownership. Don't put any of the responsibility on anyone just cause you think they need to pull their own weight.

Edie Aguirre Ortiz
Nope! 2 words… Dog Hotel!

Top Fan
Ricky Barrientes
I wouldn't push the issue too hard, just ask any APPROPRIATE chance you get. If you keep asking over time, someone may be nice enough to do the deed for you. Do not feel entitled to their best interest of your interest. This is where you wil hurt

Salcido Mariana
Um it goes both ways each one of you guys have to pitch in together. If your family does it then the other family should try at least to help in that matter to. It would be the same thing for your kids right.

Fabian Y B Lara
Ridiculous ! She can either take them on vacation or book a doggy day care for when they travel. They travel a lot? So the dogs are always with his family? Why because they don’t charge ? She probably trying to be cheap

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