Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Have you ever sent a text to your LADY or MAN and accidentally sent a typo/autocorrect message.  Well, that happened to me and she doesn't believe that it was a typo! I can't share the message, but it was a bad typo. Has this happened to anybody else, I just want prove to her that it happens.

Here is what the 432 had to say about it...
Adam Duran
well sometimes it's based off previous words used. So may have been a typo....pero chingado bro gotta be more careful

Athena Nickole May
Gotta kinda know some what tha message was r was supposed to be for a true answer

Jay Velasquez
Duck it

Top Fan
Chon Rodriguez
This happens all the damn time. To make it simple you give your explanation and the other person feels how they reel. If their mad or upset that's on them and they have to work it out. You told the truth don't sweat it anymore.

Ray Ray
Are you serious? She really is upset about something as little as this? Look, we all have sent text that have typos or auto correct stuff in it. It happens. She should understand. I'm sure she has done this herslef.

Well, we have all been there, no biggie. Yes, tell her it's a thing. And, now juat make it up to her if she is upset. Take her out to dinner and make her day. It will be ok. Everything is gonna be alight.

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