Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Guy I'm Dating Just Told Me That I Need To Smile More And I Don't Know If I Should Be Offended? I have never been told this by anyone I've dated and honestly it kind of pissed me off. AND surprise he sees nothing wrong with what he said...do you?

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Christopher Brown
Fight him

Tessa Rowell
Wow...that usually is a what someone does to builds confidence in others.... it's mostly just a saying. Don't take it to seriously.

Ozzy Rodriguez
Maybe he just wants to see you happy nothing wrong with it
I remember saying "I used to use Sun In and my hair was more orange than yours"
That's when the insecure stuff started happening. She went and got her hair dyed the next say. I couldn't say anything.
I was like "Imma get the vax" then guess who got the Vax that same day?
I'd a married this lady too

Top Fan
Jonathan Moreno
Resting b face are

Felix Aguirre
You should be happy he is being honest with you cuz that means you might not get that in the ppl you hang out with.

Sammy Castaneda
Geez, what’s the world coming to when wanting your GF/spouse to smile more. We are given one life to live. If you are not happy then do
Something about it. Maybe he thinks your smile is beautiful, maybe he wants to know if your happy, maybe your putting off negative vibes.

You must have a severe case of RBF!!!

That's my wife

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