Bruh! Bruhuhuhuh!

I saw a friend of mine of Facebook asking this question today and it BLEW TF UP! People were actually getting angry over this lol. Naturally, I thought to myself, "I wonder what our listeners would say?"

On one hand you have late 80's classic story of kid's curiosity getting the best of them and leading them into an epic adventure filled with pirates, bad guys, and Baby Ruths. On the other, you have an outcast kid who finds friends and gets them all into trouble with one bad decision that leads to an epic story....ironically including Babe Ruth. I literally just made that connection as I was typing this just now. Pardon me while I go give myself a high five.

What's it gonna be hot shot? Either you play ball like a girl or you can truffle shuffle right on outta here. I'm all Sandlot all day.