Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - SO, the girl I'm dating just handed me a LIST of PROS and CONS of dating me! Um, I'm not gonna lie, this is a first for me. Half of me is OFFENDED and half of me is like 'complimented'. Not really sure what to do with the list or how I should feel about it. She's awesome and I really like her but this is a first for me. Thoughts? How would you feel?

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Chon Rodriguez
Wow never heard of This one but to me she must like you to spend the time to go that in detail. I take it as a good thing personally. As humans and men we aren’t good at everything and always room for improvement. If some of those things you can chang…

Liliana Cruz
Hit her with the pros and cons of dating her and see how she likes it

Enceladus Soulis
Did you fill out an application to date her?

Tessa Rowell
Make a list

Christopher Brown
Flip the script. Make your own list. Pros: You're organized, and honest.
Cons: You boutta catch these hands for talkin sh*t and telling me I'm a loud chewer...

Maybe making a list is a GREAT thing. It may show that she really is into you. She might be the type of person who needs to make a list and this is her way of communicating. She might be really into you and this is how she shows it.

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