Earlier today, Leo and I talked about ways we used to stay cool during the summer.

That had me thinking that some of you may be new to the 4-3-2 and here are some survival essentials for then the temperature goes through the roof!


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    Always Wear Sunscreen

    Seems like a no-brainer, but if you haven't lived in Texas long, you may think you can go without it for an afternoon. Trust, you will get BURNED in the 4-3-2 if you stay outside without sunscreen and it's only going to hurt more the next time you step outside with that that blazing hot sun on your shoulders.

    Marko Marcello
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    Find Shade Anywhere You Can

    Of course, along with not wanting to get sunburned, finding shade is crucial, especially when you're parking your car. If there's a spot open near a tree, but it's a ways from the entrance of the store, take it! Your steering wheel (and your hands) will thank you for it.

  • 3

    Drinking Beer Will NOT Help You

    Drinking beer is a part of the West Texas culture, but when it's super hot outside, beer is only going to dehydrate you even more and trust, being overheated and hungover is not the way you want to spend your weekend.

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    Carry a Drink With You Everywhere You Go

    Granted, we just said don't drink beer, but it's crucial to stay hydrated out here. Whether it's Gatorade, water, lemonade, whatever. Keep a drink with you whenever you go outside.

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    Make Sure Your Air Conditioning is Working

    Air conditioning is a must for living in West Texas. Fans help, but there are days when it gets to 110 degrees and AC is just a must.

    Here's the thing, now is the time to get your AC fixed if it needs it because the repairmen are going to be swamped all summer fixing things so better to get yours working properly ahead of the rush.

    Lisa F. Young