It's getting HOT! No just hot, but West Texas HOT! Any day now we are going to be hitting the 100 degree mark. Had me thinking...what were some clever ways you stayed cool growing up. Other than POOLS, I can remember the following...

1) The handy dandy water hose, man, so many ways we use to use it outside.

2) Fire Hydrant...yep believe it or not I can remenr some clown on our street turning those suckers on. WOULDN'T ADVISE TO DO IT NOWADAYS!

3) Trash Bags as SLIP N SLIDES! Yep, lay out trash bags and wet the water hose and slide away. Other NOT SAFE thing we use to do.

4) THE MALL! Yep, me and my friends use to just hit the mall because of course it has AC running all day in it and it was 'cool'.

5) Water Guns!! They were not as high tech as they are today but they worked.

Do you have any you use to do?