So you've been hearing us chattin' it up about liking our Facebook page and here are five reasons why you and your friends need to smash that Like button!

1. Be among the first to know when we interview celebs.

We've interviewed quite a few stars over the years and those who were on our Facebook got the 411 on when they drop by our studios to chat with us!

2. Find out about awesome contests!!!

We've got a lot of cool stuff to give away and your chances at some awesome trips like getting to see Katy Perry in New Orleans!

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3. See where we'll going to be next!

You know we're all over the 4-3-2 and wherever we go, you know we're going to be giving away prizes and hooking you up with the best deals at local stores! If you want to see where we are and where YOU NEED to be, you've got to check out our Facebook page!

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5. It's the best way to give us your birthday shout-outs!

We also love giving people shout-outs on the air when it's people's birthday! One of the best and fastest ways to let us know who's turning a year older is either post it on our wall or direct message us! You can leave us that shout-out anytime, any day of the week and we'll see it!

If these reasons aren't enough for your peeps to like our page, just wait because in the coming days and weeks, we're going to be improving it EVEN MORE!!!